Saturday, November 3, 2012


There are some excellent points here.  

While I realize there will always be some who cannot and will not ever accept the LGBT community as complete equals (cause if you deny them marriage you deny them equality, plain and simple) there will also be those of us who will always, no matter how much you quote the very few words from the Bible about the subject to state your case, support equal (or in this case, gay) rights.  

I do not feel that my personal relationship with Christ is threatened by someone loving another of  the same sex.  Nor do I feel that the future of the "traditional family" is at risk because we allow two men or two women to enter a committed relationship with each other, protected by the same laws that protect straight couples.  

I can support the idea of changing the legal term of "marriage" into "civil union" for all people, straight and gay alike - the civil union term would refer to their law bound rights and, if they are a believer in the religious sacrament of marriage, then a "marriage certificate" would be issued by their religious organization of choice.  It would be a choice of the religious institution to offer the option of marriage certificates to just heterosexual couples or, if they are accepting of the gay community, they can choose to extend this to homosexual couples as well.  

This would not take away from the sanctity of marriage, in fact it would increase it because the term would only be used by those who believe in the religious aspect of the commitment versus being used as a blanket term to essentially mean a civil union.

Well, these are my thoughts on the matter - you are free to disagree (or agree!) as you choose.  If you choose to comment, my only request is that you are thoughtful in your reply and that you be polite. :)

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