Tuesday, July 23, 2013

High Fidelity - The 1975

I am currently enthralled with this band. They are a Manchester, England based alternative rock band and are relatively new to the US charts (heck, they only hit the UK charts starting in 2012).  You might be familiar with the song "Chocolate" if you scored the free download that was available a couple of weeks ago on iTunes. 

I hope the US market embraces them like how they latched on, almost overnight, to the Imagine Dragons (see High Fidelity post about them before they hit it big here).  

The 1975's debut album is scheduled to drop on September 2, 2013 - I can't wait to hear it. 

Chocolate (Music For Cars EP)

The City (IV EP)

You (Sex EP)

Me (Music For Cars EP)

The 1975

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