Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Passport fun!

Portland is known for being a bit unique so it only makes sense that we would have a chain of restaurants, taverns, pubs, cigar bars, concert venues, theaters, spas, micro-breweries, distilleries, soaking pools, wineries, golf courses, pool halls and hotels that are located in old schools, poor houses, masonic lodges, ballrooms, vintage theaters, churches, brothels, general stores, pioneer homesteads and funeral homes.  

Of course, anyone local to Oregon and parts of Washington knows I am referring to the McMenamins chain. Full of character, these unique places are owned by local brothers Mike & Brian McMenamin and have been key in revitalizing some of the Pacific Northwest's forgotten architectural and historical treasures making them into hip and trendy places to relax, be entertained, listen to great live music and enjoy some awesome food, beer, liquors and wines.

This year, McMenamins has released their Passport which is exactly what it sounds.  It is a little blue passport where you get stamps for visiting different locations, sometimes individual locations, like the local pubs scattered across town and other times large locations like Edgefield where you visit eight different bars/restaurants/tasting rooms, etc.  When you complete a location (or neighborhood), you receive a prize of some sort.  While most locations are local to the Portland area, some are in various other places in Oregon and Washington, which means fun trips and new places to visit!

Some awesome friends and I purchased the passports a couple of weeks ago and have been having a blast exploring new locations and collecting the spoils received from completing pages.  The passports themselves can be purchased at basically any McMenamins locations and cost just $20.  The best part is that you can earn that $20 back easily by completing four activities in the front adventures part of the passport (not required to complete the passport) doing things such as having a spa treatment at one of their Ruby Spas, taking a dip in the soaking pools, attending a concert, staying the night in one of their hotels, tasting a beer, wine or distillery flight, etc.

Seriously awesome marketing scheme on their part but for McMenamins enthusiasts it is a fun way to visit all their locations and earn some amazing prizes when your passport is complete.  Prizes include three free nights at historic hotels, free concert tickets, free food, invites to exclusive parties, etc.  Well worth it if you are a McMenamin's fan!

Here are some photos from our adventures so far!

The Passport - stamps and photo hunts at Edgefield

Pat's Corner - Grand Lodge
Ceiling at Pat's Corner - Grand Lodge (photo credit: Bryan Freeman)

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (photo credit: Bryan Freeman)

Rock Creek Tavern (photo credit: Bryan Freeman)

Our freebies so far - McMenamins playing cards from completing Edgefield in 12/2013 and photo magnets from completing Grand Lodge in 12/2013 (prizes may change by month).

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