Wednesday, February 22, 2012

+/= of the week

+      I am super excited to report that I received all 75 points possible on my ASP (Applied Summary Paper) from my class last month, Abnormal Psychology.  My paper on Bi-polar Disorder was apparently free of too many "highs and lows".  (Heh heh, a little psychology humor...)

-      I was expecting a few pieces of lia sophia jewelry from the new spring/summer catalog to arrive on Monday for my upcoming show this Sunday. I have now come to the conclusion they were taken by someone in my building before I got home that day (it was dropped off at 3 and I was home by 4:40!).  The stupid UPS guy either left it at my apartment door or outside the main door to our locked building rather than taking it to the office like he was supposed to.  UPS is now on my hit list.

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