Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where following the yellow brick road gets you... pre-teen angst anyone?

You know when you stumble upon a song (or album/soundtrack) that immediatly takes you back to a specific age or event in your life?  I had one of those moments today.  I was grooving to my Boy Band goodness playlist on Spotify (don't judge) and while adding a song by 3T (anyone else remember them?) I saw that one of their songs was from the "Free Willy" soundtrack.  I, naturally, had to follow the yellow brick road and ended up on the "Free Willy" soundtrack page.  Yes, I realize how ridiculous this sounds.

It turns out I must have had the soundtrack because upon clicking on the first song my eyes immediately welled up and it was once again 1993 and I was an angsty pre-teen.  

Will You Be There (Theme from Free Willy) - Michael Jackson

Keep On Smilin - NKOTB (yes, that stands for New Kids on The Block)  ;)

Right Here (Human Nature Re-Mix feat. Michael Jackson)  - SWV (Sisters With Voices)

And because I couldn't find a video of the 3T song that lead me on this wild goose chase (called Didn't Mean to Hurt You) that wasn't unbelievably cheesy with crappy heart graphics and creepy obsessive photo montages of the 3T guys, I have included the video for 3T's biggest hit circa 1995 called Anything which is the reason why I stumbled across the Free Willy song in the first place.  

May your early 90's inner child rejoice.

Rest in Peace Keiko (1976 - 2003)

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