Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I am a lemming.

With other teen series turned movie phenomenons, a la Twilight and the Harry Potter series, I was always one of those slightly self-righteous people who cautiously looking forward to the movie, convinced it would never be as good as the book and who was proud to state that I "read the books before I saw the movie."

Well, I cannot say this any longer.  Monday evening I went to see "The Hunger Games" with a new friend.  I have not read the book yet.  There was a large part of me that felt a bit like a lemming... running with the pack just because it was the "cool" thing.  I knew that if I read the book I would love it, it wasn't a question of that, it was simply the fact that I hadn't had the chance to do so yet and I felt like I was breaking some cardinal rule by seeing the film before reading the actual book.

Boy, am I glad I took the leap and saw the movie when I had the chance.  Great interpretation of a book on film - from what others say it stays quite true to the book and if you haven't had the chance to read it yet you will still be able to understand and appreciate the movie for what it is.

Naturally I immediately NEEDED to read the book so, thanks to my fabulous friend Deedra, I am now (finally!) reading the first book.  I can already tell it is a series I will need to own, both on paper and on film.  Highly recommend it  :)

May the gods be ever in your favor...

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