Sunday, July 27, 2014

Keep on dancing!

This chick is an inspiration.  For so many of us fighting serious weight problems, loss of who we were at one time is almost more difficult than dealing with the weight itself.  As someone who has the same condition and a very, very similar story to Whitney's, I find her courage to accept who she is today and get moving, not only for her own health but also for her spirit, very encouraging.

No one is saying that you have to find her or her dancing attractive - we all know being overweight is dreadfully unhealthy and our culture abhors and ridicules overweight people on a daily basis - but one has to admire her bravery and commitment toward becoming a healthier person, both in mind/spirit and body.

Public interest snippet about Whitney and her new campaign

The video that started it all - girl can move, extra weight or not!

If you want to see what people said about Whitney and more about her campaign - click here (YouTube would not let me post the video for some reason)