Sunday, January 22, 2012

lia sophia party!

Had a lia sophia show at Mom’s Friday night – she has a great group of friends and I had a lot of fun trying out a few new ideas with them.  Made a few upgrades to my table including an earring display inspired somewhat by things I’ve seen on Pinterest and made much easier by being nearly pre-made for me by Craft Warehouse.  ;)    

Of course my camera’s batteries ended up being dead as doornails when I tried to take photos to post here so I had to resort to my crappy camera phone.  My apologies for the unfocused and oddly lit pictures!


New earring display - found a pre-made unfinished wood frame with mesh insert at Craft Warehouse which I painted black and found a cute picture stand to use so it could be displayed on the table.

Silver and Hematite display tray

Monthly special magnet board, gold display tray and new ring tray!

New ring tray - found it at Marshall's for just $4.99, my new favorite store for stylish housewares at awesome prices!

Deep Sea necklace on display - found the awesome vintage looking key at Craft Warehouse as well, just a buck!

Curio necklace - one of my favorites!  Such a statement piece.

The entire display - still a work in progress, I would like to work more textures and height variances (maybe even a lamp for soft lighting?) in future to make the display more dynamic.

I welcome thoughts and ideas!

Interested in hosting a party?  Visit me at  :)

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